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Rarely has the people management skills received more attention than it does currently. The world of work of work has changed radically during the past decade, and it continues to change more rapidly than any time since the liberalization of economy. Personnel working in today`s organizations are facing an entirely different culture than the one their parents or even their older brothers or sisters faced. More emphasis is now placed on achieving specific results by effectively using the organization`s available resources for competitive edge.

To enable the organizations to retool the purposes by which they operate, human skills need to be developed on a continuous basis with more focus on new management techniques and thinking. The book provides access to a broad spectrum of practical knowledge and human skills needed to keep pace with the changes in the organizational environment. The diversity of insights, concepts and experiences presented in this book offers guidelines to develop competencies for continuous improvement in the workplace systems and processes. The book will be specifically useful to the students of management disciplines, both at under–graduate and post–graduate levels.


Book Content of Human Skills Creating the Future
1. HRD Skills for the New Millennium – A Board View – C. Mallikharjuna Rao and K. Anjaneyulu
2. Dynamics of Human Behaviour – Santosh Dhar and Upinder Dhar
3. Managing Self – Santosh Dhar and Upinder Dhar
4. Organisation-Structures and Climate – Thomas Fernandez
5. Motivation – Biswajeet Pattanayak
6. Leadership and Managerial Grid – S. Ravishankar
7. Group Dynamics – Sulabha Sawant
8. Team Building – Girija D. Deshpande
9. Managing Conflicts – H. L. Kalia



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Dr. S. Ravishankar,

Dr.Biswajeet Pattanayak,

Dr.Upinder Dhar,

Prof.Thomas Fernandez


Himalaya pub