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Indian Economy (Performance and Policies)


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This is substantially revised edition and takes into account the new developments in the Indian Economy that have taken place during the last year and the new readings that have become available since the last edition was published in July 2008.

We have taken particular pains to ensure that each and every issue listed in the syllabus is discussed and analysed in all seriousness and all readings listed covered properly, the treatment and language has been kept simple so that the students have no difficulty in following the arguments. For benefit of students, important facts and statements are highlighted in bold letters. Each chapter is followed by a list of questions for the practice of students.

Book Content of Indian Economy(Performance and Policies)
Section I – Basics Issues in Economic Development

  1. Concept and Measures of Development and Underdevelopment
  2. Characteristics of Underdeveloped Countries with Special Reference to India
  3. Human Development

Section II – Basic Features of Indian Economy

  1. Basic Features of Indian Economy at Independence

Section III – Policy Regimes

  1. Evolution of Planning and Import-Substituting Industrialisation
  2. Economic Reforms and Liberalisation

Section IV – Growth Development and Structural Change

  1. Growth and Structural Changes Since Planning
  2. Economic Growth and Inter-State Disparities in India
  3. Institutional Framework in Agricultural and Land Reforms
  4. Industrial Sector : Concentration of Economic Power and Its Regulation
  5. Changes in Institutional Framework Since 1991: Changing Role of State
  6. Income Distribution of India
  7. Poverty in India
  8. The Problem of Unemployment
  9. Human Development in India
  10. The Environmental Concerns
  11. Demographic Constraints: Population Change and Economic Development

Section V – Sectoral Trends and Issues

  1. Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy and Production Trends
  2. Green Revolution and Its Impact
  3. Agricultural Prices and Agricultural Price Policy

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