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Indian Financial Market Theory and Practice


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The economic liberalisation process has increasingly exposed the financial market to international competition. The process of reforms has led to a pace of growth of Indian Stock Market almost unparallel to the history of any country. There is many a times calls from the professional students community, academicians, researchers and market participants about ongoing application-oriented information on financial market. Practical findings and research in financial market is the result of these enquiries. Hence, the real situational findings, implication of emerging issues in financial market have been analysed in the book-keeping in view the perceived competitive environment. The eighteen chapters of this book “Indian Financial Market” covers a fascinating range of topics including stock market, derivatives, commodity markets, foreign direct investment, mutual fund, banking and insurance services, etc. Throughout, the emphasis is eminently practical, real deals, not abstract theory. The practical application of financial market is intended to represent more specific or micro-oriented consideration for professional students. This book presents the layout of the entire book within a single diagram.

The book will be valuable to all individuals, including students, researchers, academicians, professionals, policy-makers and others, who have an interest to imbibe knowledge and learn the subject of financial market.

Book Content of Indian Financial Market Theory and Practice

1. Market Efficiency of Indian Stock Markets
2. Derivatives Trading on Indian Stock Market
3. Expiration and Week effect on Indian Derivative Market
4. Currency Derivatives in Indian Stock Market
5. Commodity Market in India
6. Behavior Dynamics of Indian IPO Market
7. Stock Market, Market Capitalization and Net FII Investments in India
8. Indian Stock Market, Trading Volume, Exchange Rate, and Standard Gold Rate
9. FII Investment and Indian Stock Market Performance
10. Dividend Policies and Practices in Indian stock market
11. Indian Stock Market Reaction to Announcement of Bonus Issue
12. GDR Market in India
13. Emerging Market and Developed Market
14. Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds in India
15. Mutual Fund Investors Behavior Model in Indian Stock Market
16. A Service Quality Model for Customers in Public Sector Banks
17. Holistic Approach for Debit Card Consumers in India
18. Inclusive Growth: Role of Insurance Industry in India


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