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Indian Financial System (Bangalore Univ)


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This present edition is intended to serve primarily as a standard textbook for the new syllabus of the B.Com. Degree course in the University of Bangalore.

The distinguishing feature of this book is that it provides a thorough treatment of allied topics relating to the Indian Financial System as mentioned in the syllabus. To provide a complete understanding of the subject matter, gaps in the syllabus have been duly filled by adding appropriate topics in a synthetic order in the entire framework of the textbook. All the topics have been analyticlly discussed, along with the latest statistical information from authentic sources in a fairly self-contained manner. Utmost care has been taken to provide a lucid exposition and clarity of the subject matter at all stages. Above all, it is comprehensive, as well as self-explanatory.


Contents :

1. The Financial System in India
2. Primary or New Issue Market vs. Secondary Market
3. Financial Institutions
4. Commercial Banking System
5. Investment Policy of Commercial Banks — Liquidity and Profitability
6. Banking Sector Reforms
7. Reserve Bank of India
8. Securities and Exchange Board of India
9. Financial Services
10. Types of Financial Services
11. Skill Development



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Dr. K. Natarajan,

Prof. E. Gordon


Himalaya pub