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Indian Financial System


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The book depicts in a simple and lucid language the subject `Indian Financial System` which is viewed otherwise as somewhat complex by the students and other readers.
In this book, the authors who have been involved in teaching diverse courses for long, have made an earnest effort to develop a concise and yet analytical presentation amply supported by the statistics revealing the trends – past and present – in the Indian Financial System.

In the recent years, the subject Indian Financial System has attracted the attention of all – the knowledgeable and the layman. Though the book is meant primarily for the students at graduation level, it would be found interesting and informative by others as well.


Book Content of Indian Financial System
1. Financial System: Definition and Meaning, Constituents and Functions
2. Macro Economic Dimensions of Financial System
3. Flow of Funds and Financial Development
4. Indian Financial System: Past and Present
5. Major Issues in the Indian Financial System: Narasimham Committee Report (1991)
6. Financial Institutions − Reserve Bank of India: Monetary Policy of RBI
7. Commercial Banks: Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks and Co operative Banks
8. Non-Bank Finance Companies (NBFCs)
9. Development Finance Institutions
10. Investments Institutions: Insurance Companies and Mutual Funds
11. Small Savings, Provident Fund and Pension Fund
12. Financial Services
13. Financial Markets in India
14. Money Market
15. Government Securities Market: Internal Debt: Debt Trap
16. Capital Market
17. Secondary Capital Market: Stock Exchanges
18. Foreign Exchange Market
19. International Financial Markets
20. Financial Inclusion − Microfinance



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Dr. S.B. Deodhar,

Mrs.Aditi A. Abhyankar


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