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Indian Management Thoughts and Practices


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“Keep your thoughts positive, they become your words;
Keep your words positive, they become your action;
Keep your action positive, they become your personality”

Indian Management Thoughts and Practices (I M T P) aim at developing overall personality of a person so as to give him peace, good health, and happiness. The foundation of I M T P rests on our ancient Indian culture, which was laid around 6000 years back when there was no other religion and the entire so called developed western countries of today were in the primitive stage of evolution. Our Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Shrutis, etc., gave the fundamental principles of living a social life full of peace and happiness.

The aim of writing this book is twofold. One to present a comprehensive and structured reference material which may be referred by the students of BMS and is in synch with the revised syllabus prescribed by Mumbai University. The second aim is to bring out various fundamentals of Indian Ethics in a simple and concise manner. This would develop the overall personality of youngsters with focus on introspection, so that may have a balance between materialism and spiritualism.


Contents :

1. Indian Ethos − Introduction and Overview

2. Focus on Ultimate Principles of Intelligence to Whom (Which) Man Seeks Recourse

3. Personality Development

4. The Three Gunas − Determinants of Personality

5. Individuals Being an Infinite Capabilities and Potential is a Result of Own Actions

6. Koshas − The Concept of Man

7. Meditation

8. Leadership

9. Society and Social Groups

10. Festivals and their Significance

11. Learning

12. Sprituality

13. Concept of Maya (Illusion)

14. Varna Ashram and Dharma

15. Case Studies

16. Annexure


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Dr. V.N. Saxena


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