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Insurance Management (Text and Cases)


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The Book titled “Insurance Management” Text and cases provide a comprehensive coverage of Insurance. The book has been organized in six parts.

Part One : Contains three chapters including understanding of risk, types and sources of risk, risk management and control, etc. This part elaborates the complexities in risk management and tries to emphasize on theories of risk management.

Part Two : Covers four chapters, including introduction to insurance, insurance need analysis, Principles of insurance contract and the history of insurance.

Part Three : This covers nine chapters, introducing life insurance and focuses on different aspects of life insurance such as policy conditions, mortality table, premium payment pattern, life insurance products, settlement of claim and organization of LIC India.

Part Four : Covers various aspects of fire insurance such as principles of fire insurance, different fire insurance policies and claim settlement. It also deals with marine insurance contract, marine insurance policies, marine losses, premium payment, clauses in marine insurance policy and claim settlement in marine insurance.

Part Five : It explores insurance regulation in India, starting from Tariff Advisory Committee and detariffication, registration of insurance company, protection of policyholders, marketing of insurance products, and guidelines for advertisement, loss prevention association. It also includes bancassurance, reinsurance and double insurance.

Part Six : This part comprehensively covers the emerging sectores of insurance in niche such as health insurance, agriculture insurance, micro insurance, motor insurance and accident insurance. This part also covers the social and rural sector obligations of insurance companies, role of information technology in insurance and various aspects of competitive environment such as mindset of consumers, adequacy of capital, market related policies, cost consciousness, etc.

This book has some unique features. At the end of each chapter, questions for discussion, projects and assignments, the relevant case studies and IRDA guidelines have also been given. A glossary on insurance has been given in the appendix for easy reference.


Contents :

Part One: Introduction To Risk Management
1. Understanding Risk
2. Risk Management
3. Theories of Risk Management
Part Two: Introduction To Insurance
4. Introduction to Insurance
5. Insurance Need Analysis
6. Principles of Insurance Contract
7. History and Development of Insurance
Part Three: Life Insurance
8. Introduction to Life Insurance
9. Mortality Tables
10. Premium and Bonus
11. Policy Conditions
12. Life Insurance Products
13. Annuity
14. Settlement of Claims
15. ULIP And Pension Plans
16. Life Insurance Corporation of India
Part Four: General Insurance
17. Introduction to Fire Insurance
18. Principles of Fire Insurance
19. Fire Insurance Policies and Claim Settlement
20. Introduction to Marine Insurance
21. Marine Policies and Clauses
22. Marine Losses and Claim Settlement
Part Five : Regulation of Insurance In India
23. Tariff Advisory Committee
24. Registration of Insurance Company
25. Protection of Policyholders` Interest
26. Marketing of Insurance Products
27. IRDA Rules and Regulations GOverning Advertisement
28. Bancassurance
29. Reinsurance
30. Loss Prevention and Control
Part Six : Miscellaneous Insurance
31. Health Insurance
32. Agriculture Insurance
33. Accident and Auto Insurance
34. Micro Insurance
35. Terrorism, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
36. Property Insurance
37. Liability Insurance
38. Critical Illness Insurance
39. Rural and Social Sector Regulations
40. Underwriting
41. Rural Insurance in India
42. Special Types of Insurance
43. Insurance and Information Technology
44. Competitive Environment
45. Analysis of Financial Statement of Insurance Company
46. Career in Insurance


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