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International Finance (Mumbai Univ)


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The great pleasure in presenting the comprehensive first edition on International Finance. It holds everything and anything that one needs to know, about international finance, the students and teaching faculties of the subject. The significance of international finance as a discipline has evolved profusely in the last 3 decades due to deregulation of financial markets and also due to product and technological developments. Each country is economically related to other nations of the world, through a complex network of international traditions and financial relationships in this context.

International finance refers and includes international markets (international banking, euro currency market, eurobond market, international stock markets, etc.), international institutions (IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, WTO, UNCTAD), international financial services (cash in advance, Letter of Credit, bill of exchange, insurance, consumer invoices, factoring and the like), international financial instruments, foreign exchange markets, balance of payments and international risk management.


Contents –

1: Fundamentals of International Finance
2: Balance of Payments
3: International Monetary Systems
4: Introduction to Exchange Rates
5: Foreign Exchange Market
6: International Parity Relationships and FEX Rate
7: Currency and Interest Rate Futures / Forwards
8: Euro Currency Bond Markets
9: International Equity Markets and Investments
10: International Foreign Exchange Markets
11: International Capital Budgeting
12: Foreign Exchange Risk and Appraisal
13: International Tax Environment
14: International Project Appraisal
Appendix — Case Studies on Derivatives




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O.P. Agarwal


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