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International Relations in Modern World(1900-2000)


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This book is designed to cater to the needs of undergraduates and post-graduate students offering “International Affairs” as a paper of subject of Political Science and “History of Modern world” for various University examinations. The main features of the book are lucidity of expression, systematic arrangement of contents, elimination of superfluous details and impartial and objective assessment of developments in international field.


Book Content of International Relations in Modern World(1900-2000)
1. Nature of Imperialism in 20th Century
2. Emergence of Japan as Great Power
3. World War I(1914-18)
4. Parsis Peace Conference and Peace Settlement
5. The league of Nations
6. Reparations and Inter-Allied War Debts and World Economic Depression
7. French Search for Security
8. Collective security System under the League of Nations and Efforts for Dis-armament within and outside the League of Nations
9. The menshevik and the Bolshevik Revolutions in Russia(1917) The Home Policy and Foreign Policy of Lenin and Stalin
10. Rise of Fascist Italy under Mussolini
11. Weimar Republic and the Rise of Nazi Germany
12. The second world war
13. The united Nations Organisation
14. Foreign Policy of the USA, Russia and Great Britain(1900-1945)
15. Post-war Europe(1945-60)
16. Cold War between East and West
17. Efforts for Disarmament during Post-World War II period
18. The Foreign Policy of the United States(1945-1986)
19. Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union(1945-1986)



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