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International Tourism Management


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Tourism is a service industry, which has been growing at a fast rate to be one of the biggest industries in the world. According to WTO (World Tourism Organisation) in 1995, there were more than 5000 million tourists and they generated more than 350 billion dollars and in the same year travel and tourism produced direct and indirect employment for more than 20 million people, which accounts for 11% of the global workforce. Next to the oil and automobile industry, tourism has gained its place in the world`s top 3 industries. In this way, we see that tourism is a great economic force, as a source of foreign exchange and catalyst of development; hence, governments of developed countries of the modern world have realized the importance of tourism. Tourism plays an important role in the economic development of many parts of the country and world.

The hospitality industry is growing rapidly in our country and in many parts of the world. Since there has been a growth in travel business leading to hospitality boom in order to cater to the people`s comfort away from home, be it their stay, food or beverage. Today, the benefits of tourism are not to be judged in terms of economic benefits only. Tourism provides social, cultural and educational benefits as well. There are hugs opportunities for the qualified professionals in this field. This book has been written to address the various aspects of tourism in the global context.

Contents :

1. Introduction to International Tourism Management
2. Emergence of Hotels, Aviation and Tourism
3. Role of State in Promoting Tourism
4. Travel Barriers, Travel Advisories, Crisis Management
5. International Hotels
6. International Tourism Sales and Marketing
7. Marketing Research, Positioning and Travel Distribution System
8. International Tourism-Growth Future and Impact of Technology




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