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Introduction to Information Technology


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We all know that business managers in general and information systems managers in particular play a vital role in the implementation and administration of technology within the organizations. Now a days, the management of each and every areas of business and organization process is assisted by both manual and electronically processed work. The scope of electronic process is tremendously increasing to make IT for workforce to be the most essential quality in human resources.

Keeping this in view, Introduction to Information Technology has been designed for BBA, B.Tech, Diploma in Engineering, PGDCA, BCA, MCA, M.Sc IT another relevant degree courses to provide the students with a basic understanding of the introductory concepts of computer fundamentals. The book aims to equip the students with knowledge of computer hardware, software, networking, Data communication and MS office etc. To cater to the academic requirements of the students the subject matter has been discussed in a conceptual-cum − analytical manner.

Each chapter of the book includes an introductory preview, a summary, and numerous examples so that readers can easily grasp the basics of what information technology is and how it is used in real context. There are sets of questions and quizzes on the conceptual topics. The sixteen chapters in this book are divided into four units based on the general curricula of various universities including Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. We realize that syllabus of some universities may differ in terms of topics, and may follow a different sequence. Therefore, we have ensured that the text is modular, so that the topics can be introduced in several logical orders.

Book Content of Introduction to Information Technology

  1. Computer Fundamental
  2. Central Processing Unit
  3. Input and Output Device
  4. Number System
  5. Computer Arithmetic

    UNIT − II

  6. Computer Software
  7. Memory Organization
  8. Computer Language

    UNIT − III

  9. Operating System
  10. Booting Process

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Dr. Neeru Mundra,

Renu Vashisth


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