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Introduction to Literature (Mumbai Univ)


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Literature is a vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom created by intelligentsia. It is a reflection of happenings in the life of any individual. The role of media is to approach the masses and look into the lives of people from various angles. All these experiences help to enhance the quality of life in any culture.

It is, thus, very important for a mass media scholar to look into the various aspects of life of any individual, into the social, cultural and personal set-up of people.

Study of literature, therefore, gives a better exposure to mass media students to understand life in a better way. This piece of work is a step in the academics to provide an exposure to the young minds. Both the avenues of knowledge are very vast and require an extensive as well as intensive study.

This book is an attempt to brief the mass media scholars towards the various genres of literature. It covers the melodies of verse, hard situations of life, the real-life depiction of situations through drama and theatre and the thoughts and philosophy through the various writings of the authors belonging to different places, at different times.

The fiction would introduce the scholars to the lives of the characters, their thoughts, psyche and view of life. The characters are a true picture of any time and place. The verse is the exposure of any age as it depicts the thinking and beliefs of times. Poetry is imagination and depiction in rhyme.

Similarly, the theatre or drama section depicts the life in reality. The characters, dialogues, and incidents depict the social, personal and cultural life.

The book is conceptualized to simplify the ocean of knowledge and to have an insight into the various spectrums of literature. The various experiences of the geniuses are enlisted, which are taken from different ages and these further provide wisdom to the readers.


Contents –

Chapter 1: Introduction to Literature
Chapter 2A: Fiction
Chapter 2B: Fiction
Chapter 3: Poetry
Chapter 4: Drama


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