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Landmarks in Modern Indian Education


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This book critically details out the various landmarks which have been surfaced by the recommendations of the various Commissions and Committees on Indian education appointed by the concerned rulers of our country from 1813 to the beginning of our current 8th Plan period which is stipulated to end by 1998(if not extended further to complete its unfinished programmes in the area of education). These landmarks bring to light those notable events which have propelled the promotion of education to the shape as we find today. The contents of the book as printed onwards clarify the span which has been covered. Since the main focus of this venture has been only to specify the landmarks, the inclusion of statistical and developmental data has been judiciously and care fully avoided. Moreover, these data are now no more required to be detailed out by the prospective students of graduate and post graduate classes to whom this book is principally addressed.

History of Modern Indian Education forms a compulsory course of study in the discipline of education meant for B.A., M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., and training college students. This book is eminently suited for meeting the requirements of such students. Thus, this work is very likely to serve a great pressing demand in the field of education in our country.



1. Earlier Educational works of the east India Company
2. Oriental occidental controversy and the filtration theory (1835-1853 A.D.)
3. Wood’S Desspatch on Education, 1854
4. Indian Education Commission, 1882(The Hunter Commission)
5. Lord Curzon’s Educational policy
6. Gokhale Bill and the Calcutta University Commission
7. Development of the spirit of Nationalism in Education
8. The Hartog committee recommendations. 1929
9. Basic (wardha) scheme of education, 1937
10. Abbott-wood report and sergeant scheme
11. A Critique of the British Educational system
12. Radhakrishnan University Commission, 1948-1949 and after
13. The Secondary Education commission, 1952-53
14. Kothari commission, 1964-66
15. Education in the 1st. 2nd and 3rd five tear plans
16. Education in the 4th and 5thfive year plans
17. Education in the 6th five year plans (1980-85)
18. Education in the 7th and 8th five year plans (1985-98)
19. National Education policies of 1968 and 1979<br




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