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Management and Behavioural Process


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In global and domestic business, without maintaining world-class quality in operations and without practicing ethical aspects of business, the survival of business is a difficult task. At macro and micro level, business managers who are the drivers of their business, have to have solid training in managerial aspects. Besides understanding the basic principles of management, managers at micro level should also know the behavioural aspects of their workforce and of themselves. In this backdrop, this title “Management Process” is placed in the hands of readers.

This work has an integrate approach of management, blending both principles and behaviour in a workplace. The book is divided into two sections, viz. (i) Management and (ii) Behavioural Process.

The first section contains principles and process of management. This section has 12 chapters which discuss management issues such as planning, organizing, leadership, communication, motivating and controlling. Initial chapter contains the overview of management and the role of managers.

The second section is on behavioural process and contains 13 chapters covering, the issues of individual behaviour, group behaviour and organizational behaviour.

All the chapters in both the sections have been carefully designed to provide the information on the chapter theme and written in a simple language for an easy understanding of the readers. Each chapter contains learning objective, text, summary and question for self-study. This comprehensive book on management provides small cases for easy understanding of the concepts wherever necessary.

Book Content of Management and Behavioural Process
1. Management-Overview
2. Manager
3. Evolution of Management Thought
4. Learning Organisation
5. Planning
6. Organising
7. Organising-Trends and Practices
8. Decision-Making
9. Leadership
10. Communication

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Dr. Dinakar. G.,

Dr. M. Muninarayanappa,

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