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Management Dynamics and Applications (Sem 1, Bengaluru North Univ (NEP))


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Introduction of New Education Policy in Karnataka State at degree level, has given an impetus to restructure the courses at this level, focusing more on skill development and multi disciplinary approach. Thanks to Government of Karnataka and more specifically to the Minister for Higher Education for taking initiative to adopt New Education Policy norms and guidelines. Graduates who roll out under NEP structure will have the capabilities take-up either self-employment or paid jobs.

B.Com course under NEP will have core subjects for study and skill-based learning programmes. One of the Core subjects of study in first semester is “MANAGEMENT DYNAMICS AND APPLICATIONS” This book is written to cater to the needs of students who study the said subject.

Management Dynamics and Applications cover the topics such as Introduction to Management, Planning, Organising, Staffing, Leading, Controlling and Co-ordination.

Every chapter covering the said topic is written in easy and understandable language, simplified content of the text, and presented in sequence. Study questions and skill exercises given at the end of each chapter will help the students to answer the questions and internalise the content of the chapter and have a hands on experience by working on skill exercises.


Contents –

1. Introduction to Management
2. Management: Process and Principles
3. Emerging Issues in Management
4. Planning
5. Organising
6. Delegation of Authority
7. Staffing
8. Co-Ordination
9. Leadership
10. Motivation
11. Controlling
12. Techniques of Controlling


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H.A. Bhaskara,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah


Himalaya pub