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Management Information Systems (Text & Applications)


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The author is humbled by the overwhelming response to the first edition of Management Information Systems. The most important contributions to the development of this book have come from the reviews. The new additions to the book cover the following:-
– Modules of MIS; MIS Tools and Selection;
– Structures System Analysis and Design (SSAD); Tools and Techniques for Systems Development; Systems Implementation
– Neural Networks in Business; Artificial Intelligences: New Paradigm
– Strategic Grid; Value Chain Model
– ER Model
– Information System Security

Other Key Features :
– Brief explanation of basic concepts in all the chapters
– Supported by over 300 illustrious figures to explain the basic concepts
– Number of case studies on Indian Firms to known their present application of MIS and their future thinking on improvements
– The expected benefits of such Information Systems
– A New chapter on the technology with examples
– Stress on the technological elements necessary for modern MIS


Contents :

1. Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS)
2. Computer System and Telecommunication System
3. Data Information and Database Management
4. Information System Concepts
5. System Analysis, Development and Models
6. Transaction Processing System (TPS) and Other Systems like (DSS, KWS, EIS/ESS, OAS)
7. Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence
8. Information System for Business Operations
9. Enterprise Resource Planning
10. Choice of Information Technology
11. Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management
12. Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business
13. Organisational Planning Process
14. Security Threats and Computer Crimes
15. Digital Payments and Digital Marketing
16. Ethical Responsibilities of Business Professionals
17. Start UPS


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