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Managerial Economics (with Cases)


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This book is especially designed to cater the needs of the MBA students of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh to study the course in Managerial Economics.

The present book, somewhat deviates from the traditional approach and seeks to develop the skills and interest of the students with better comprehension of the real business economic problems through several case studies and practice oriented problems without diluting the scope to prepare themselves for formal education or examination.

The book has following distinguishing features : 

  • It is oriented to business and management situations.
  • It teaches application of economic ideas in managerial / business decision – making.
  • It provides a unique integration of cases and text for better understanding and retention of the subject.
  • Diagrams and illustrations are provided for enhancing understanding and retention of conceptual ideas and their applications.
  • Quantitative tools exposed in the text are intended to provide an insight into the methods of economic analysis and practical use of economic science in decision – making and problem solving.
  • The subject – matter is explored in a simple and lucid manner to make it instructive and an enjoyable experience.
  • It covers the UGC Model Curriculum 2002, besides the courses framed in management institutes in India and abroad.
Book Content of Managerial Economics (with Cases)

 Unit – 1 : Introduction to Mangerial Economics

Chapter 1  Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics
Chapter 2  Objectives of the Firm
Chapter 3  Optimisation Technique and New Management Tools of Optimisation

Unit – 2 : Basic Economic Principles and Theory of Demand

Chapter 4  Basic Economic Principles
Chapter 5 Demand Analysis
Chapter 6 Elasticity of Demand
Chapter 7  Demand Estimation


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