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Marketing Finance

The scope of Marketing Finance has enormously widened in the current scenario. The liberalization has brought new opportunities and threats to business and industry. Through the presence of foreign competitors, the businessmen and Industry have learnt the rules of the game of global business. The Central Government has brought new Companies Bill and other changes in the rules and regulations that govern the Indian Companies and their business methods.

In today’s worls where positive cash flow is more important than book profit, Marketing finance can also be defined as planning for the future of a business enterprise to ensure a positive cash flow. Some experts also refer to Marketing financeas the science of money management. Marketing finance comprises the forecating, planning, organizing, directing, co-ordinating and controlling of all activities relating to acquisition and application of the financial resources of an undertaking in keeping with its financial objective. The very elaborate definition given by phillippatus is ‘Marketing finance is concerned with the managerial decisions that result in the acquisition and financing of short-term and long-term and long-term credits for the firm. “As such it deals with the situations that require selection of specific assets, the selection of specific problem of size and growth of an enterprise.

This book contains practical approach to marketing finance. The views expressed in this book are of author’ own. This book is useful for MBA students, and it is also useful for Professionals / Research Institutions / Companies / businessmen / Management students.



1. Introduction of Marketing Finance
2. Management of Sales Revenue
3. Sales Budget and Budgetary Control in Marketing
4. Inventory Mangement
5. Management of Payables and Capital Budgeting decisions
6. Management of Receivables
7. Disounted Cash Flow
8. Marketing Product Mix and Linear Programming
9. Pricing decision of Joint Product and By Product
10. Pricing of Turn Key Project
11. Distribution Cost and Transportation Decision
12. Market Value Added and Information for Decision
13. Target Pricing and Pricing Decisions
14. Brand Valuation
15. Inpact of Transfer Pricing


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