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Mathematics and Statistics for Management


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This books entitled “Mathematics and Management” in intended to fulfill the needs of students who want to obtain a reasonable preps of basic mathematical and statistical techniques or methods in a limited time. The emphasis throughout the book is on understanding through practice, interpretation of results and their application to the real-life problems. The book will certainly encourage students who lack confidence in their mathematical ability to understand statistical techniques.

Each chapter of the book includes the necessary theory and methods of carrying out the various techniques and analysis A large number of illustrative solved examples and self-practicing exercise ae provided to motivate students to apply mathematical and statistical techniques to real data and draw necessary inferences.

Great care has been taken in the treatment of the subject matter and the subject is resented in systematic and insertion manner. The emphasis has been given to explain the concepts, specially has been given to explain the concepts, specially the topics of abstract mature, in such a way that even an average students will be understanding it inderpendently.


Contents :

Module-1 : Mathematical Basis For Managerial Decision Making
1. Matrices
2. Functions
3. Differentiation
4. Applications of Derivatives
5. Simple Integration
6. Applications of Integration
7. Ratio and Proportion
Module-2 : Business Statistics and Scope
8. Statistics: Meaning and Scope
9. Measures of Central Tendency
10. Measures of Dispersion (variation)
11. Skewness and Kurtosis
Module-3 : Probability Theory
12. Theory of Probability
13. Probability Distribution
Module-4 : Estimation
14. Decision Theory
Module-5 : Sampling
15. Sampling Theory
16. Sampling Distributions
17. Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
18. Analysis of Variance (Anova)
19. Non-parametric Tests
Module-6 : Index numbers
20. Index Numbers
21. Correlation
22. Regression Analysis
23. Multiple Correlation and Regression
24. Time Series Analysis
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B.G. Sathyaprasad,

Dr. P.K. Mittal,

M.K. Pradeep Kumar Rao


Himalaya pub