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Mathematics for Business and Economics with Applications Volume – II


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The book “Mathematics for Business and Economics with Applications” is divided into two Volumes. The first Volume consists of Unit-J of ten Chapter of around 800 pages and the Second Volume consists of Unit-II and Unit-III of Nine Chapters of around 550 pages. The First Chapter of Vol-I, viz., Basic Mathematical Concepts and Result is unique because it presents all the basic concepts with aU the formulae required for a social scientist at one place in this chapter. This chapter includes the following topics with properties and formulae: the number system line, intervals, sets, ratios and proportions, algebraic Inequalities, the I and IT properties, logarithms, Trigonometry (all important formulae), permutations and combinations. The Binomial theorem (both cases), Equations, Mathematical induction, AP/GP/HP/A-G, etc., Seres-Exponential, Logarithmic and Trigonometric, Growth Rates Annuities and Present Value.

The Volume-I discusses Basic Concepts and Results; Functions, Limits and Continuity;

Differentiation Simple as well as Partial and Total, Euler’s theorem; Maxima and Minimal functions of one, two, three and n variables with/without contains; integration; Matrix Algebra-inverse, rank, solution of equations, Gauss method, etc. and I.d/I.i of Vectors, Quadratic forms and Vector differentiation. All topics have been discussed with business and Economics Application.

The Volume II discusses Differential and Difference equations (All cases), Input/Output analysis, linear Programming (All Cases), Game Theory (All cases), AP/HP/A-G, etc. Equations (All cases), Coordinate Geometry, Growth Rates/Annuities-Finding Amount/Sum and Present Value (All Cases). All topics have discussed with business and Economics Applications.

Salient Features
– Exhaustive and comprehensive of all Mathematics.
– Step-by-step explanation with reasoning of basic concepts in simple and easy-to-understand language.
– Large number of illustrated solved example (About 1.300) to give an insight into the basic concepts and a better understanding of the subject.
– A large number of properly graded problems in the exercise sets (more than 4.000) along with their answers and hints to many problems are given.
– A large numbers of Remarks in each chapter is given to make the real and in-depth meaning of the concept quite clear.
– Incorporates the latest examination question papers with answers.


Contents :

Unit – II
11. Differential Equations and Their Applications
12. Difference Equations and Their Application
13. Input-Output Analysis
14. Linear Programming and Simplex Method (All Cases)
15. Game Theory (All Cases)
Unit – III
16. Series-A.P., G.P., H.P., A.G., and Other and Their Application
17. Equations-Simple, Quadratic and Simultaneous and Their Applications
18. Analytical Geometry and its Application
19. Mathematics of Finance : Growth Rates, Present Value, and Annuities and Their application
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