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Merchant Banking and Financial Services


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Merchant Banking and Financial Services is a complete book which covers both merchant banking and emerging trends in financial services. This book would be widely useful by a wide section of readers, particularly teachers, advance students of commerce, Business Management and Practicing Mangers.

The subject matter of this edition consists of 15 chapter, covering the entire gamut of financial services and about its regulatory authorities.

Chapter I covers the overview of financial services and it explains the evolution of financial services and about its regulatory authorities.

Chapter II tells about the entire working of merchant banking activities, its functions and it clearly explains all the important functions in detail. This chapter will be very important for students who are undertaking a course of this subject.

Chapter III gives a brief historical account of Mutual Funds, its evolution, regulatory aspects and point out the future of mutual fund industry in India.

Chapter IV deals with Lease Finance, and it gives an account of its total operation and explains the current condition of lease finance.

Chapter V this section deals with Hire Purchase, its evolution, various laws concerning, tax implications and also it clearly explains about the difference between Hire purchase and Lease.

Chapter VI covers Factoring Services rendered in India, its evolution, growth, function and the various recommendations of the committees concerns to factoring.

Chapter VII gives a brief outline about the capital market and explains the role of stock market and its operations.

Chapter VIII outlines the operating mechanisms of Venture Capital. It gives a brief note about the various venture capital firms available in India and also it tells us about the way to manage these firms.

Chapter IX explains the role of Insurance industry in India. It tells us the history of this industry with regulations and discusses about the future of this industry in India.

Chapter X plesents the role of housing finance, its institutional framework, policies and tells us the importance of housing in India.

Chapter XI introduces the concept of securitization, its pros & cons and the growth of this service in India.

Chapter XII dwells on the role of credit Rating services in India and it gives a brief account of various agencies available in India.

Chapter XIII deals with consumer finance, which is the evergreen market in India. This chapter will be very useful to know the regulations of this service.

Chapter XIV gives a clear picture about working mechanism of Credit Card services and gives a brief note about the various types of credit cards available in India.

Chapter XV tells us about the emerging service in finance industry which is Micro Finance. This chapter clearly explains about the concept and about its various Implication.

Chapter XVI briefly explains about Derivatives, the emerging product of today’s market.


Contents :

1. Financial Services
2. Merchant Banking
3. Mutual Funds
4. Lease Financing
5. Hire Purchase
6. Factoring
7. Capital Market
8. Venture Capital
9. Insurance
10. Housing Finance
11. Securitisation
12. Credit Rating
13. Consumer Finance
14. Credit Card
15. Micro Finance
16. Derivatives


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