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Methodology of Research in Social Sciences


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This book is a response to the above perceived needs for a cross-discipline practice-oriented comprehensive book on research methodology. It has grown out of my long and rich experience in guiding and evaluating research projects at Master, M.Phil. and Doctoral students over three decades, and in directing workshop on methodology of research for Doctoral research scholars and teachers.

This book has several distinctive features. It –
– Is suitable for all social sciences: Economics, Commerce, Management, Sociology, Psychology, Behavioural Science, Political Sciences, Social Work, Etc.,
– Adequately covers all aspects of research methodology: Scientific Method, conceptual models, social science research, types and methods of research, review of literature and note-taking, selection of a research problem, hypotheses, concepts, measurement, research plan, sampling techniques and sample size, methods of collection of data, construction of questionnaire and scales/field work, processing and tabulation of data, graphic representation, statistical analysis of data and hypothesis testing and report writing and evaluation,
– Provides step-by-step guidelines on all aspects of the research process,
– Illustrates the various research strategies and techniques with examples drawn from recent research publications in various social sciences, and
– Written in simple and interesting style.


Contents :

1. Foundations of Research
2. Social Science Research
3. Types and Methods of Research
4. Review of Literature
5. Planning of Research
6. Sampling
7. Methods of Data Collection
8. Tools For Data Collection
9. Field Work
10. Processing of Data
11. Statistical Analysis of Data
12. Report Writing


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Dr. M. Ranganatham,

Dr. O.R. Krishnaswamy


Himalaya pub