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Microeconomics: Theory and Applications-I


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This book is addressed to the students of B.Com. Hons., First Year, of Delhi University. It covers the entire syllabus of Microeconomics, B.Com. Hons. (Part I) in a comprehensive and exhaustic way. Although many good books on Microeconomics by foreign authors are available in the market yet Indian students at the undergraduate level find most of these books tough and difficult to deal with as either the mathematical content of these books is beyond their comprehension on these books abound in illustrations and examples from U.S. and European economies which our students find difficult to understand and appreciate. Some books by Indian authors are also available in the market but no book is as yet available that covers all the aspects of the syllabus thoroughly. As the name of the paper itself suggests, the new syllabus envisages the `applications` part also whereas most of the existing books tend to concentrate only on the `theory` part. All theoretical conception the book are discussed in as easy and concise a way as possible. Keeping in view the fact that the book is meant for undergraduate students, the authors have avoided the use of mathematics but the logical analytical rigor of the discussion has been strictly maintained. For the benefit of students, important definitions in all chapters have been highlighted separately in bold letters while important statements have been presented in italics. The discussion in each chapter is followed by a summary. For the practice of students, a set of questions has been added at the end of each chapter. Conceived thus, the present book should be of immense use to students of B.Com., Hons., First Year, of Delhi University.?

Book Content of Microeconomics: Theory and Applications-I

Unit I: Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Problems of an Economy and the
  3. Working of Price Mechanism
  4. The Concept of Equilibrium

Unit II: Elementary Theory of Price

  1. Demand and Supply
  2. Price Elasticity of Demand
  3. Other Elasticity Concepts
  4. Demand and Supply – The Elementary
  5. Theory of Price

Unit III: Theory of Consumer Behaviour (Theory of Demand)

  1. Neo-Classical Utility Theory
  2. Indifference Curve Ana

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