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Auditing-I (Including Skill Development)


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Every corporate enterprise today and even the governments are speaking of the concept of governance in a big way. But still they have to go a long way in achieving transparent operations in their domains. At the base of the pyramid of the corporate governance lies the concept of honesty. If every individual works with sincerity and honesty there is no reason as to why the productivity should not increase and so the profitability. Irrespective of the size of the business today every activity is subjected to audit to bring transparency in operations and profitability. The prime and venerable area in any business enterprise which is causing disturbance to achieve transparency is maintenance of books of accounts and records true to their transactions. But unfortunately, for the known reason, some percentage of deviations will always be there in maintaining the books of accounts. Because of this, every business enterprise subjects its accounts at the close of the financial year for a detailed examination by an outside certified agency. Thus, financial auditing has occupied a prime place in every business enterprise to achieve transparency. In every syllabus of every university at B.Com and BBM degree level Auditing has been prescribed as a compulsory subject of study.

Audit procedure involves vouching, verification and valuation and reporting. These aspects have been fully analyzed in this title in a simple way to make the students understand the subject mater without any difficulty. Graded question are given at the end of each chapter. A this book is written strictly according to the Bangalore University new syllabus. As the chapter on vouching is not covered in this syllabus, that has not been covered in this title.??



Book Content of Auditing-I (Including Skill Development)

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Types and Conduct of Audit
Chapter 3 Preparation before Audit
Chapter 4 Internal Control and Internal Check
Chapter 5 Verification and Valuation of Assets and Liabilities
Chapter 6 Audit-Different Organ


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