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Newspaper and Magazine Design (Sem 6, BAMMC, Mumbai Univ)


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Newspaper and Magazine Design is the subject of TYBAMMC, Journalism Semester VI. The topics explained in the book are according to the latest syllabus designed by the University of Mumbai. In this subject, students will get a clear idea of the entire process of creating a newspaper and magazine in its practical form. This is the subject that revolves around the basics of Publication and Design.  The objective is to teach students all the topics like Layouts, Designing, Editing and Terminology, Different Typography elements and Visual Aids in Designing. The book also has reference illustrations, figures, and examples that will help students to quickly grasp the topic. The subject is a project based and practical in terms of teaching and learning. A student will undergo a viva exam instead of the traditional written exam. Keeping in mind all the aspects of the same, the book is written in a simple and lucid language for the clear understanding of the student.


Contents –

1. Design and Layout Basics
2. Editing and Terminology
3. Typography and Visual Aids
4. Working on Project Quark or InDesign
5. Planning and Production of Magazine
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Harsha Kulkarni More


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