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Office Management


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Today office has assumed a key role in the management of any organization. It is said, “The office is to business what the mainspring is to the watch. Hence, the efficiency of the office is the index of organizational efficiency. It is perhaps this reason that Office Management has emerged as a specialized branch of management discipline. Courses have been designed an Office Management at the Higher secondary and Degree levels as well as for professional courses like that of Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India and Institute of Company Secretaries. Even, vocational courses are now available on Office Management.

The present book is intended for the students preparing for the above-mentioned examinations. It is also expected to be an useful companion to business executives. The book deals exhaustively with various aspects of Office Management and Organization. While preparing the manuscript utmost care has been taken to design it taking into account the needs of the students. The approach is based on our experiences in teaching the subject for the writings of various authors. We are grateful to them.

A question Bank is appended at the end of this book containing objectives, short and essay-type questions


Contents –

1. Office- Nature and functions
2. Office Management-Meaning, Scope and Principles
3. Office Organisation
4. Departmentation
5. Delegation of Authority
6. Centralisation and Decentalisation of Authority
7. Tools of Organisation
8. Physical Conditions- Office Accommodation
9. Physical Conditions- Office Environment
10. Office Machines and Equipments
11. Forms design, Management and Control
12. Office Stationery, Supplies and Furniture
13. Record Management
14. Communication
15. Office Correspondence, Reproduction and Mailing


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