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Optics and Atomic Physics


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This book covers the course in Geometrical and Physical Optics for most of the Universities in India. Elements of quantum theory are also introduced from the experiment approach-the photo – electric effect, Compton effect and the series relations in atomic spectra. Special care has been taken to discount the idea of a `medium` like either and to say that light waves are made up of oscillating electric and magnetic vectors. However, electro-magnetic theory and relatively as such have not been introduced.

The language of the book has been kept as simple as could be consistent with precisiona and brevity.


Contents :

1. Fermat`s Principle and Ray Optics
2. Cardinal Points of an Optical System
3. Thick Lens and Lens Combinations
4. Dispersion of Light and Chromatic Aberration
5. Monochromatic Aberration of Images
6. Optical Instruments
7. Speed of Light
8. The Electromagnetic Theory of Light
9. Vibration and Waves
10. Reflection and Refraction of Waves
11. Interference of Light [I]
12. Interference of Light [II]
13. Diffraction of Light [I]
14. Diffraction of Light [II]
15. Resolving Power of Optical Instruments
16. Polarization of Light and Double Refraction
17. Rotation of Plane of Polarization
18. Spectrographs and Various Kinds of Spectra
19. Origin of the Quantum Theory
20. The Shell Model of the Atom
21. Coherence and Lasers
22. Crystal Structure and Diffraction by Crystals
23. Elements of Quantum Mechnics
24. The speical Theory of Relativity
25. Visual Photometry




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