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Organisation Theory and Behaviour


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Organisation Theory and Behaviour is the sixth completely revised edition of the book. The book has been transformed by adding thirteen new chapters, revising most chapters and dropping a few chapters. New material has been added to enhance the value of book.

Some of the chapters are based on the research studies completed by the author or his students. Likewise, a few chapters are based on the research studies which were presented in International Seminars held in USA, Canada, UK and other European countries.

The book contains two parts (1) Book I-Organisation Theory and (2) Book II-Organisational Behaviour. Book II contains four parts. They are: Part I-Introductory, Part II-Individual Behaviour, Part III-The Group Dynamics and Part IV-Organisational Change and Development.

Detailed chapter design and the index are new elements of book which have increased its value to the readers of the book.

The Book in its present form will be of great use to executives in business and government, research scholars preparing for their M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes and the students preparing for competitive examinations and other professional and technical programmes of higher education and learning.


Contents :

Book I – Organisation Theory
1. Organisation: Nature and Structure
2. Understanding Organisation Structure
3. Theories of Organisation and Span of Control
4. Authority Relationship
5. The Manager
6. Decision Making
7. Communication
Book II – Organisational Behaviour
Part I : Introductory
8. Organisational Behaviour: A Conceptual Analysis
9. Historical Development of Organisational Behaviour
10. Environmental Analysis
11. Foundation of Organisational Behaviour
12. Globalisation and Organisational Behaviour
13. Development of Human Relations
Part II : Individual Behaviour
14. Foundations of Individual Behaviour
15. Understanding Human Behaviour
16. Variables of Human Behaviour
17. Individual and Personality
18. Individual Difference and Work Behaviour
19. Perception
20. Learning
21. Motivation
22. Interpersonal Behaviour
23. Team and Team Building
Part III : The Group Dynamics
24. Group Dynamics
25. Leadership : Approaches and Style
26. Theories and Mechanism of Leadership
27. Enclave Leadership Style
28. Power and Politics
29. Conflict Management
Part IV : Organisational Change and Development 
30. Management of Change
31. Organisation Development
32. Organisational Effectiveness
33. Stress Management
34. Cultural Basis of Management Development
35. Cultural Dynamics and Management of Development


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