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Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Development


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Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Development has become essential study for the development of any organisation in the twenty first century of competition and excellence achievement has become a distinctive culture which is being implemented even in public administration. `Corporate Development` as a unique philosophy and strategy is well known for the development of corporate culture. Corporate image is essential for all-round development of organisation. The image building is possible through the application of behavioural science known as `Organisational Behaviour`. All the managerial problems are diagnosed in the light of employees` behaviour in the organisation and also in the specific areas of management. Organisation Behaviour is not only a subsystem of Human Resource Development; it has become essential blood of all the functions of each and every branch of management in any organisation.

The book has been prepared in the above lights. The behaviour of employees, group of employees and students or organisation are diagnosed, moulded, modified and channelised for achieving the excellence of the organisation. The basic purpose of this book is to develop a corporate unit with excellence. The behaviour of an employee is studied under perception, learning, personality and motivation. The group dynamics, group personality, morale-building, resolving group-conflict, transactional and transformational analysis and leadership are studied under group behaviour. Similarly, structural behaviour is also deeply studied to make organisational-behaviour a great success. Delegation of authority, decentralisation, departmentation, functional organisational setup and control devices are analyzed with the object of Corporate Development. The book is highly useful to the corporate managers, executives, professionals, teachers and students.

Book Content of Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Development
  1. Organisation
  2. Behaviour in Organisation
  3. Perception
  4. Learning
  5. Personality
  6. Job Design and Job Satisfaction
  7. Motivation − Basics
  8. Motivation − Application
  9. Group Behaviour Foundations
  10. Inter – Group Behaviour
  11. Conflict in Organisation
  12. Power and Politics
  13. Communication
  14. Stress Management
  15. Delegation of Authority and Centralization
  16. Leadership
  17. Group Dynamics
  18. Organisational Structure
  19. Organisational Changes
  20. Technological Changes and Behaviour
  21. Organisational Culture
  22. Corporate Development
  23. Corporate Behaviour
  24. Corporate Design and Decision − Making
  25. Performance Evaluation and Reward Systems

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