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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management (Mumbai Uni)


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This 21st century is quite challenging and to meet the requirements of this challenging environment, Mumbai University has revised the syllabus for BMS students. Revise syllabus has become effective from the present academic session 2015-2016. This book is made to meet the requirements of BMS students as this book is as per the revised syllabus of Mumbai University. This book tries to explain the concepts of organisational behaviour and human resource in simple terms.

According to the requirement of syllabus, book is divided into four units where the first unit deals with cross-cultural dynamics in organisation and different organisation behaviour models. Second unit deals with conflict management techniques, time management and organisational design. Third unit deals with human resource management, planning and developing human resource whereas the fourth unit deals with appraisals, compensation management and career planning of employees in organisation.


Contents –

Part – I
1. Introduction, Evolution and Importance of OB
2. Cross-cultural Dynamics and Ethical Organisational Culture and Climate
3. Individual and Group Behaviour and OB Models
4. HRM and Organisational Behaviour
5. Managing Communication, Time Management and Conflict Management
6. Organisational Design, Job Design Rewards and Punishment
Part – II
7. Human Resource Management (HRM)
8. Human Resource Planning (HRP)
9. Strategies of HRM
10. Human Resource Development
11. Performance Appraisal
12. Compensation Management
13. Career Planning
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Nikitaa Prajapati,

Sheetal Kejriwal


Himalaya pub