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Organizational Psychology


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Employees form the core of any organization. The roadmap to organization success is paved by the painstaking efforts of its employees and employers. Thus organization behavior is the bedrock for organizations to succeed and prosper in today’s tough business environment. Sound knowledge in organizational psychology will help management and employees alike, in bringing harmony in the work place. Several books on organizational psychology have been written in the past and each and every one of them has their themes and merit. This book on organizational psychology was written keeping in mind the fundamental aspects of organizational psychology interwoven with the contemporary concepts, practices and issues related to this field. The flow in this book helps in distilling the basic concepts and incentivizes students to get actively involved in the subject thus enabling them to develop competencies for becoming successful managers and entrepreneurs.

The book is a lucid presentation of logical sequences of concepts relevant in the field of organizational psychology. The first chapter introduces the reader to the concept of organizational psychology, followed by perception in the next chapter that deals with different concepts in perception and its application in business management. Subsequent chapters cover personality, learning, work related attitudes, motivation, group dynamics, power and politics in organizations.Case studies, subject related activities, self assessment questions and model questions are provided in each chapter to enhance the learning experience.

Contents :

Unit 1 Introduction to Organizational Psychology
Unit 2 Perception
Unit 3 Personality
Unit 4 Learning
Unit 5 Work Related Attitude & Motivation
Unit 6 Group Behaviour, Power & Politics
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