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Personality Development and Communication Skills-I


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Skill in Communication is a requirement for everyone, no matter what profession they are in. The skills can be improved by practice and knowledge of the basic theoretical concepts.

To be acceptable in today`s competitive market, everyone needs to be able to write and speak correct English, and have clarity in expression. The grammar topics given in this book are meant for revising some of the important commonly used items; in order to gain more proficiency, it is necessary to use a grammar book. Vocabulary building also requires general reading, and using a dictionary to understand the meaning of new words.

Several exercises are given at the end of every chapter; working them out regularly is highly beneficial in improving writing and speaking skills. Communication is a practical subject. It is more important to be able to practice it well than to learn the theory which is meant for understanding the principles.

The Units on Written communication and Oral communication provide information and guidance on writing letters, memos and other documents needed in every organisation, and on conducting oneself well in oral communication situations.

Book Content of Personality Development and Communication Skills-I
Unit I: Fundamentals of Grammar and Usage
1. Verbs
2. Nouns, Pronouns and Modifiers
3. Vocabulary Building
4. Concord and Parallel Structure
5. Punctuation
6. Common Errors

Unit II: Introduction to Business Communication
7. Process of Communication
8. Basic Forms of Communication
9. Seven Cs and Principles of Effective Communication
10. Communication Media
11. Barriers to Communication

Unit III: Business Letter Writing
12. Layout of a Business Letter
13. Types of Business Letters
14. Sales Letters
15. Complaints and Adjustments


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