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Pharmaceutical Biochemistry


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Although there are numerous good texts on Biochemistry, yet none of these cover the topics which are specific for the pharmacy students. The present text has been written to meet the requirements of the Bachelor`s course in Pharmacy as per the syllabus prescribed by All India Council for Technical Education.

This text provides an authoritative account of every aspect of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry of current interest and demonstrates progress in this subject that has been made in the recent past. Every topic included in this book is Self-Sufficient and has been producely illustrated with well drawn figures. Each topic has been written in a clear explanatory style. This approach combined with an extensive cross referencing system, enables the reader to provide both straight-forward concepts and invaluable background information in the light of modern scientific context. The Chapters have been arranged in a conventional way because it may prove good for students to pass from one to another with good continuity.


Book Content of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
1. Introduction
2. Bioenergetics Redox Potential, Electron Transfer and Oxidative Phosphorylation
3. Biomolecules
4. Carbohydrates
5. Amino Acids
6. Peptides and Proteins
7. Enzymes, Coenzymes and Isozymes
8. Chemistry of Nucleic Acids
9. Lipids
10. Vitamins
11. Metabolism
12. Metabolism of Carbohydrates
13. Metabolism of Lipids
14. Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids
15. Biosynthesis of Amino Acids
16. Catabolism of Amino Acids
17. Biosynthesis of Urea and Catabolism of Amino Acid Nitrogen
18. Urea Cycle
19. Uronic Acid Pathway
20. Hormones
21. Protein Synthesis
22. Concepts in Drug Metabolism
23. Prostaglandins and Related Com

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