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Potential for Enterpreneurial Activities in the Rural Areas of Delhi: An Explorative Study


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This book is an outcome of a research study on ‘Potential for Entrepreneurial Activities in the Rural Areas of Delhi’ – An Explorative Study’: The objective of this book is no analyze the occupational structure of the sample village and socio-economic background and the problems faced by the existing rural entrepreneurs in the villages. The study also tries to analyze the institutional support for the promotion of entrepreneurial activities in rural areas. The potential avenues for entrepreneurial activity in rural areas and policy recommendations for the development of Entrepreneurial Activities in the simple village are its highlights. The books also provides the institutional support mechanism which includes financing needs and training facility being provided by various government agencies in the rural parts of Delhi. This book has an advantage of carrying out a field level study to understand the problems and prospects for the promotion of entrepreneurial activates in the rural areas of Delhi at the grass root level. The study found that more than 60 per cent of the sample entrepreneurs were first generation entrepreneurs belonging to a family of farmers. The study revealed that more than 80 per cent of the sample entrepreneurs had problems with capital and 90 per cent of them expected loans at lower interest rates and banks As per the study findings, a comprehensive policy for rural entrepreneurship needs to be evolved at the national level to address the problems of the rural entrepreneurs. This book would help the rural people to realize the opportunities available to them and to use their entrepreneurial skill of varied nature to become a successful rural entrepreneur by utilizing the locally available resources and managerial and technical skills provided by the various promotional agencies. This book will prove to be useful of information for policy makers. Academicians and most important. Potential entrepreneurs. Who intend to make the life of rural people comfortable and sustainable.

The book is organized in seven chapter. Chapter I gives the theoretical background to the study and presents the macro picture of the status of the rural entrepreneurship and initiatives undertaken by various government departments and agencies. Chapter II provides a detailed analysis on the poverty and employment situation in rural India. Chapter III has a detailed discussion on the need for skill enhancement to achieve inclusive growth in India. Bride profile of Delhi is mentioned in Chapter IV. Chapter V presents the review of few important earlier students on the topic along with a statement of research problem. Objective and the methodology adopted for the study. Chapter VI analyzes the primary data collected from the sample village and the final Chapter VII gives the summary and conclusion along with appropriate suggestion and policy recommendation to the policy making bodies to enhance the living condition of the weaker sections of the society residing in villages.


Contents :

1. Rural Entrepreneurship in India
2. Poverty and Employment Situation in Rural India
3. Inclusive Growth through Skill Development
4. Brief Profile of Delhi
5. Research Methodology
6. Data Analysis and Interpretation
7. Findings, Conclusions and Policy Guidelines
1. Questionnaire for Rural Entrepreneurs
2. Questionnaire for Farmers
3. Field Photos
4. Skill Development and Training Programmes of Center Government


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Dr. G.L. Sharma,

Dr. P. Balamurugan,

Sandeep Kumar


Himalaya pub