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Principles of Management


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With the wide use of the subject Principles of Management in maximum universities and colleges, need was felt for a small but a comprehensive book on the subject. It is with a view to meet the requirements of the course this book has been primarily written based on extensive research about the curriculum needs for future managers. It covers the entire syllabus and other aspects of management like recent developments in management, management furus, business companies, etc. in a very simple and easily understandable manner. An attempt has been made to introduce Business Management in a very lucid manner. Freshers as well as experienced can make use of this book which works closely with managers and those who have to implement the knowledge of management in their daily work of the organisations.

Since independence, Indian organisations are adhering to global standards by adoption and implementing management practices. Today, many organisations have a dynamic presence in industrially advanced countries, competing with the best-in-class organisations globally. To sustain in this globally competitive market, the organisations and the users of management practices have to understand the fundamentals of management clearly and imbibe the essence of Indian business practices.

The most important plus point about the book is the content which includes business leaders to understand their business qualities and how they became successful business leaders, management gurus and their contribution in the management learning and some famous companies who made changes in the business world with their management practices. The cases in the book introduce students to real-world situations and problems that managers face and how they come out successfully from that situation. In the end of each chapter, summary is given to get a glimpse of the topic and questions have been framed to review the comprehension of concepts and foster the development of students managerial skills.


Contents –

Part I – The Basis of Management and Managerial Functions
1. Introduction to Management
2. Management Theories
3. Planning
4. Management by Objectives (MBO)
5. Decision Making
6. Organising
7. Delegation of Authority
8. Staffing
9. Leadership and Management
10. Organisational communication
11. Control Process and Techniques
12. Motivation
13. Management Styles
Part II – Recent Developments in Management
14. Change Management
15. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
16. Ethics in Management
17. Knowledge Management
18. Business Crisis and Crisis Management
Part III – Caselets
Part IV – Management Gurus




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