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Product Management


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Product Management is evolving as a major discipline considering the fact that marketing is now given thrust by the companies. In order to survive on the long run in the industry, it is imperative that products with proven quality and promotional efforts are needed. This has been clearly justified by the brands like Lux, Lifebuoy, Godrej, Usha, etc. There are many aspects of product management that needs a clear attention. The book details every single aspect of them, starting from the concept of products to its evolution into a brand. Why organizations need a product, the market segmentation and the differentiation it is about to create, the analysis of the demand and based on the forecast what products will survive and what needs to be taken off is introduces in this book. The chapter on new product management and the need for understanding product life cycle gives a clear indication of the importance assigned to new products in organizations. The branding aspects in terms of brand management, brand differentiation, brand extension and brand equity are dealt in detail. This book introduces the Chandrasekar Action Attitude model for global brand building which won the gold medal for the best paper in the Indian Commerce Association by the author. This book is intended for the students of marketing, product management professionals and the researchers who will benefit from the vast reporting of the examples and applications. There are 13 case studies related to product management and branding. These case studies also can be taken up for discussions in the classroom as well in organizations.


Contents :

1. Product Management Concepts
2. Demand Planning and Forecasting
3. Market Segmentation
4. Product Planning
5. Product Positioning
6. Product Differentiation
7. Product Deletions
8. Product Life Cycle
9. Product Portfolio Analysis
10. New Product Management Concept
11. New Product Development
12. New Product Launch
13. Concept in Branding
14. Brand Positioning
15. Brand Extensions
16. Brand Equity
17. Packaging
18. Case Studies




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Dr. K.S. Chandrasekar


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