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Production and Materials Management


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The increasingly competitive nature of markets in the 21st century has reemphasized the key role of production/operations together with materials management functions in bringing about the growth and profitability of organisations. Fast, on-time delivery, providing services and products right first time and the need to cut costs are increasingly important factors for achieving business success in most markets.

Materials management organises, co-ordinates and integrates the functions of procurement with the logistics of manufacturing operations. Production management and materials management are complementary to each other and these two areas need to be integrated well to achieve the overall objectives of the organisation. This books is organised into 28 chapters with the addition of a new chapter − “Scheduling of Operations”. Additional features include case studies, objectives questions, discussion questions and assignments.

Contents :

1. Production Management − An Overview
2. Production Systems
3. Production / Operations Strategy
4. Demand Forecasting
5. Product Planning and Development
6. Product Design
7. Production Technology
8. Process Management
9. Capacity Planning
10. Plant Location (Facility Location)
11. Plant Layout
12. Plant Planning and Design
13. Production Planning and Control
14. Job Design and Ergonomics
15. Industrial Safety
16. Work Study
17. Scheduling of Operations
18. Inspection and Quality Control
19. Maintenance Management
20. Materials Management − An Overview
21. Materials Planning and Control
22. Purchasing Management
23. Vendor Development and Rating
24. Value Analysis
25. Stores Management
26. Materials Handling
27. Inventory Management
28. Modern Trends in Production and Materials Management
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