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Production and Total Quality Management (Mumbai Univ)


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The Production and Total Quality Management function offers competitive advantages to an organization in many ways, more important among them being shorter new product development time, improved productivity, better quality, efficient inventory management and reduction of nonvalue-adding activities.

This book offers a perspective on the newly blended subject in Semester IV of the Mumbai University BMS Programme on ‘Production and Total Quality Management’. Through this book, one can learn to analyze and improve business processes in services or in manufacturing by learning the concepts of Production Management and how to increase Productivity. Key topics include Product Development, Production Systems, Materials Management, Inventory Control Techniques, Problem Solving Techniques and more.

Quality is not only a cornerstone of operations management but also a critical component of an organization’s long-term viability and success. This book covers all the major aspects of Total Quality Management, from the philosophies and approaches to Quality to the most widely used Quality Improvement Strategies including the Lean Six Sigma methodology, International Quality Standards to the prestigious International and National Quality Awards. Thus, this book ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject.


Contents –

1. Operations Management — An Introduction
2. Production Management
3. Product – Development, Classification And Design
4. Plant Location And Plant Layout
5. Purchase Management
6. Materials Management
7. Inventory Management
8. Productivity
9. Fundamentals Of Quality Management
10. Philosophies And Approaches To Quality
11. Problem Solving Techniques
12. Lean Management And Six Sigma
13. International Quality Standards
14. Quality Performance And Excellence Awards
Case Studies
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