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Programming in C (AP Univ)


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The Programming Languages have become more important with the development of Information Technology. It is essential for every student to write efficient programs in order to solve the real-time problems. Efficient Programming Languages like C in conjunction with powerful computers will help to solve large and complex problems in reasonable time.

This book was designed specifically for First Year students of Under Graduate students of Computer Science, who are taking up their first course in programming, but this book is also useful for the students who are interested in learning C. The aim of this book to supplement classroom lectures by focusing on C programming. Topics are arranged based on the syllabus prescribed by all Universities in Andhra Pradesh with new CBCS Regulations.

This book is organized in to Five Units with Nine Chapters. Chapter One introduces basic concepts and features of Algorithm with examples. Chapter Two Introduces C Programming Language. Decision Control and Looping concepts are discussed in Chapter Three. Chapter Four introduces Function concept, their working and usage. Chapter Five describes Onedimensional and Two-dimensional Arrays with examples. Chapter Six deals with strings and related operations. Chapter Seven deals with Pointers and their usage. Chapter Eight briefly describes the concept of Structures, Unions and Enumerated Data Types with examples. Chapter Nine deals with introduction to files and various operations on files.


Contents –

Unit I
1. Introduction to Algorithms And Programming Languages
2. Introduction to C
Unit II
3. Decision Control and Looping Statements
4. Functions
Unit III
5. Arrays
6. Strings
Unit IV
7. Pointers
8. Structures, Unions and Enumerated Data Type
Unit V
9. Files


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B. Satish,

M.V.V. Gopala Krishna Murthy,

P. Suresh Varma,

Sravya Lakshmi Malyala


Himalaya pub