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Public Finance:Theory and Practice


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It exposes the theories and principles as well as analyses the course of fiscal and financial behaviour of the government and its implication to understand the role of government in a developing economy such as India. It is intended to cater to the need of the student community and teaching fraternity alike who are in search of a comprehensive reference book for their studies at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in economics, commerce and management faculties. Candidates preparing for professional examinations would also find utility in this book.The author feels highly rewarded, if this volume proves to be a source of inspiration to some researchers in the area of public finance.

Book Content of Public Finance:Theory and Practice

1.  Meaning and Scope of Public Finance
2. The Role of Government in A Market-driven Economy
3. Government`s Role and Performance in India`s Mixed Economy
4. Padegogy of Public Finance
5. Sources of Public Revenue
6. Canons and Characteristics of Good Taxation 
7. Priciples of Equity in Taxation
8. Taxonomy of Taxable Capacity
9. The Tax Rate Structure 
10. Direct and Indirect Taxation
11. Theories of Shifting and Incidence of Taxation
12. Effects of Taxation
13. Public Experience
14. Public Debt
15. Public Debt in India-I
16. Public Debt in India-II
17. Theory of Fiscal Policy
18. The Long-term Fiscal Police of the Government of India: A Criticial Review
19. Government Deficits and Financing
20. Fiscal Deficits in India
21. Development Finance
22. Fiscal Federation :Center-State Finacial Relations
23. Supply-side Economics:New Dimension to Public Finance
24. The Problem of Black Money in India: An Unsolved Riddle
25. Public Sector,Public Utilities and Pricing Problem
26. The Rudiments of Social Cost-Benifit Analysis
27. A Framework of Public Policy Towards Disaster Management


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