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Quantitative Techniques for Business Managers


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This book aims to cover the applications of Quantitative techniques in business management. An effort has been made to provide an extensive coverage of the latest quantitative methods that can aid a manager in decision making. The book is primarily aimed as a textbook of the paper on quantitative techniques of the MBA, PGDBM, B.Com (h), BBA, MIB courses of leading Indian Universities and Management Institutions.

This highlight of this book is its simply style of presenting perceived complex material. The communication and writing style is extremely student friendly with over 300 business applications used to explain different statistical concepts. We have also introduced relevant case lets and more examples as exercises for the students at the end of each chapter, to provide reinforcement to the applications of statistical techniques in business. Another factor, which differentiates this book, is the inclusion of an additional chapter on basic mathematical concepts, which have applications in management.

A positive feature of at the book that will give a definite edge to students is that there is more focus on applications to explain different and difficult statistical concepts. Since the students of MBA and PGDBM come from diverse streams like the social sciences, care has been taken to present concepts in a simple manner, which they can easily comprehend. The coverage is extensive and the examples and case lets will help students relate to the examples in the Indian business context.



1. Introduction
2. Basic Mathematics in Business
3. Collection and Presentation of Data
4. Measures of Central Tendency and Variation
5. Probability and Probability Distributions
6. Sampling and Sampling Distributions
7. Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
8. Regression and Correlation
9. Time Series and Forecasting
10. Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance
11. Non-Parametric Tests


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Anuradha R. Chetiya,

Dr. R.K. Bharadwaj,

Kakali Majumdar


Himalaya pub