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Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making


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Modern management with its dynamic environment is, therefore, adopting some useful techniques as helping tools. These techniques help in reducing large problem into manageable form. It is in this context, that you, the readers, will find this book useful. The Quantitative Techniques thus are required to be integral constituent of the curricula of practically all the universities and professional institutions. The book, therefore, is intended to be useful not only to management students, and business managers, but also for the studies of M.Com., CA, ICWA etc.

Wide applicability of the techniques described in the book brings in the necessity of simple, lucid and life-oriented language and practical approach. Hence no rigorous mathematics has been involved.

The book is intended to provide a comprehensive presentation of some daily problems for managers as well as for students pursuing post graduate studies, even without an exhaustive knowledge of mathematics. Various algorithms have been described in simple language, including their schematic diagrams to lend them useful for management information system and IT-related use. A large number of examples, figures, charts, tables and solved and unsolved exercises are helping tools to comprehend the techniques and its usefulness in life.


Contents :

Part I – Mathematics at a Glanace
1. Functions, Limits and Continuity
2. Differentiation and Partial Derivatives
3. Integral Calculus
4. Determinants and Matrices
5. Sets Theory
6. Permutations and Combinations
Part II – Statistics for Business
7. Statistics and its Utility
8. Measure of Central Tendency and Location
9. Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis
10. Simple Regression and Correlation Analysis
11. Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
12. Theory of Probability
13. Theoretical Probability Distribution
14. Sampling Theory and Sampling Distribution
15. Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
16. Analysis of Variance(ANOVA)
Part III – Operation Research
17. Operations Research For Decision Making
18. Linear Programming − Model Formulation
19. Solution of LP Problems “Graphical Method”
20. Linear Programming “Simplex Method”
21. Goal Programming
22. Integer Programming


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