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Recent Trends In Business And Technology Management


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In today’s globalized world of business, every organization needs to compete internationally to survive and grow. Effective management equipped with advanced technology is widely accepted to be a key factor in making organizations successful. Management and technology both are truly two pillars of success, not just for business, but for all organizations, government, public sector, non-profit, and others.

Under this backdrop, this book aims to consider a wide gamut of emerging recent trends in business and technology management. Our vision of this book is to study the changing business trends and taking these to new heights through the deliberations of research scholars, academicians and corporate.

Globalization, expanded capanded, and advancements in technology are forcing organizations to be fast and flexible. In this increasingly competitive and demanding business world, organizations are in a state of flux. Whether it is Hr, Marketing, Finance or IT, practices are continuously changing and evolving newer working pattems.

This book is divided into four sections: Sections I: Human Resource Management, Section II: Marketing Management, Section III: Financial Management, and Section IV: Information Technology and Operations Management. The collection of papers published in this book reflects the prevailing business and technology trends. It would hopefully stimulate fither thanking and research orientation among research scholars.


Contents :

Section – I: Human Resource Management
1. Impact of Soft Skill Training Program on Employee Behaviour: Indication from Odisha – Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Mishra
2. A Study of the Public Sector – Ms. Anne Goujon Belghit
3. Job Enrichment vs. Employee Involvement: An Exploratory Research of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry – Dr. R. C. Walk, Mr. Fahad Kapil and Dr. Sajal Kabiraj
4. Managing Change – A Challenge for HR – Prof. (Dr.) Pralay Kumar Ghosh
5. Role of Cultural Competency in Development Global Leadership – Dr. Rekha Shenoy
6. Leadership in Emerging Scenario – Prof. Ms. Subhangi M. Kedare
7. Recent Business Trends in HR – Prof. Dr. S.V. Ghumare
8. Focus on Strategic Human Resource Management: An Imperative for HR Practitioners – Dr. Arjita Jain and Dr. Navneet Baveja
9. Challenges of Human Resource Management in 21st Century – Mr. SAndip L. Sonone
10. A Study of Training Need Analysis from MMS HR Students’ Perspective – Prof. Kasturi Naik
11. Resent Business Trends in Human Resource Management – Mrs. V. Abirami and Mr. S. Sathish Kumar
12. Communication Strategy and Key Organisational Issues – Mr. Satya S. Ranjan
13. Social Entrepreneurship – A key for Sustainable Growth – Prof. Sanskruti Kadam and Prof. Deepa Rohit
Section – II: Marketing Management
14. Business Agility Evaluation Model Based on Network DEA Technique: A Case Study of Automobile Industry in Iran – S.M. Seyedhoddeini, A. Rajabzadeh Ghatari, Mr. M. Alborzi, S.M. Razaviand A. Ramezani*
15. Strategies for Creating New Business: A Socio-cultural Approach – Mr. Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez
16. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Retail in India – Challenges and Opportunities – Prof. Subhendu Bhattacharya and Prof. Suvaena Sawant
17. Roadmap to Get Competitive Advantage through Green Marketing of Cellphone – Ms. Monika Dubey
18. Role of Logistics and Supply Chain Manageament in Organized Food Retail – Prof. Dr. Devekisanji Baheti and Prof. Seema Laddha
19. Green Practices in Cold Supply Chain Management – Mr. N. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Y. Krishna Chaithanya and Mr. V. Gopichand
20. Inclusiveness and Innovation in Engineering Economies – Dr. Henry Babu and Prof. K. Ravindran
Section – III: Financial Management
21. A Study of Financing option Available to Indian Companies – Mr. Praveen B. Parwati
22. Mergers and Acquisitions has Fuelled the Growth of Corporate in World Scenario – Prof. Dr. V.N. Laturkar and Mr. N.M. Patil
23. Foreign Direct Investment in India – Issues and Problem – Mr. Pavan Kharat and Ms. Nilu khan
. 24. Formulating of an Experiential Framework of Investment Matrix Based on Investor Behavior – Formulating of an Experiential Framework
25. To Establish a Relationship between the Impact of EDP Audit Policy on the Scheduled Cooperative Bank’s Employees and Customers – Prof. Manjiri R. Karandikar and Dr. Vilas M. Chopde
26. Giving Priority to Agricultural Productions Which are Effective in Economical Development of Shahrood, Iran – Mr. Seyed Mohammad Shahroudi
27. IPO in Microfinance Sector – Boon or Bane – Prof. Jyoti Singhal and Prof. Aradhna Tiwari
28. Foreign Direct Investment in India: Issues and Challenges – Mr. Yogesh Namdeo Ingle
29. Foreign Direct investment in Civil Aviation Sector – An Overview over the Recent Issue – Prof. Mayur N. Malviya and Dr. Shriprabhu G. Chapke
Section – IV: Information Technology and Operations Management
30. Approacheas to Productivity in Organizations – Prof. Rajiv P. Wad
31. Identification of Langusge Using Visual Features – Identification of Language Using Visual Feaatures
32. Leveraging Data Mining Techniques in Telecom Churn Prediction – Prof. Jayalekshmi K.R.
33. Security Requirements for Software Oriented Architecture Based Applications – Miss. Sushma Sonarkar
34. A Flash of business Intelligence in Today’s business Scenario – Prof. Pragati Goel
35. Identifying Sentence Boundary – Mrs. Charusheela Pandit and Prof. Prashant Lokhande
36. Mining Data on social Networks – Prof. jenefa Rao and Prof. Deepali Shah
37. 4G: Rising Mobile Technology – Ms. Prema Jagtap
38. Management of Resource in Grid Computing – Mr. Vijay Bhosale and Mr. Ranveer Sanjay
39. Vehicle Ad-hoc Network for Highway Model without Using Roadside Unit and Cluster – Mr. Nikhil Sawalakhe
40. Security Issues in Social Networking Sites – Ms. Sushma V. Sumant
41. Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing – Ms. Veena Pawar
42. Computer-related Frauds and Controls under Information Technology Act 2000 – Ms. Sheela Hasamani
43. Studying the Capabilities and Universities of Learning Management System – Ms. Sudha Bhagavathee Swaran
44. Server Virtualization – An Emerging Technique or Performance Enhancement in Data Centres – Ms. Purnima Singh
45. Indian Cyber Law – Ms. Shilpa Shingare
46. Conceptual Framework for Agile Methodology in Software Development – Ms. Rajeshri Shinkar
47. A Survey of Wereless Sensor Network – Prof. Megha Wankhade
48. Cloud Computing in Hospitality industry – Prof. Seema Bhuwan
49. Application of Data Mining in Various Sectors – Prof. Mrunalini Metri
50. A Proposed Model for Effective Evaluating of E-commerce Websites – Ms. Smita Kulkarni
51. Managing E-governance initiative for Rural India – Mr. Sumanta Dutta
52. Role of Artificial Emotions in Autonomous Agents – Ms. Vaishali V. Gajbabe
53. Data Leakage Recognition Using Allocation Strategies – Ms. Ruchita Meher and Mr. Vilas Jadhav
54. An Overview on Pervasive Healthcare System – Dhammjyoti Dhawase


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