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Remote Working : In Documentation Team


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There are many books in the market about managing documentation teams, but unfortunately none of them cater to the needs of the Indian managers or the remote management who plan to set up documentation teams in India. This book has been written keeping in mind the business mind set in India, the work culture that is practiced here, the basic skills and experiences of the technical writers, and their educational background.

Remote and Indian managers will find this book useful as it explores how to make a dispersed team successful, including; successfully managing a remote team, using technology in remote teams, working with the managers and teams in distant locations, and other tips for successfully managing the remote team.

Though certain topics of this book is specific to documentation team, it can be used by others, anybody who wants to understand the concept of remote / virtual working. It will also be useful to the remote managers who would like to know about the problems in setting teams in India and ways they can overcome these problems.

Book Content of Remote Working : In Documentation Team
  1. Remote Working
  2. Remote Management
  3. Collaborative Work
  4. Challenges of Remote Management
  5. Recruitment Problems
  6. Management Differences
  7. Effective Remote Management
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. Guidelines for Remote Working
  10. Developing Managerial Qualities
  11. Characteristics of a Good Manager
  12. Management Mantras
  13. Conducting Performance Reviews


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Sajitha Jayaprakash


Himalaya pub