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Research Methodology In Medical Sciences


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Research is an integral part for development of knowledge in any field of science, especially in the medical science. The primary objective of this book is to encourage and train the medical practitioner in Philosophy and principles of medical Research which will help in enhancing their research and communication skills.

This book is designed to fulfill the needs of post-graduate teachers, students and researchers in Medical, Dental, Ayurved, Homoeopathy, Pharmacy and Science faculties. This book has a comprehensive coverage of research methodology including Research Question, Hypothesis Formulation, Research Design, Clinical Trials, Ethical consideration in research and statistical methods. It also includes chapter are necessary for publication and presentation of their work, a skill which research worker needs and has to develop for communication of his work.

Book Content of Research Methodology In Medical Sciences
  1. Medical Research in the Lat Two Decades
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  2. Introduction to Research
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  3. Basic of Research Methodology
    (i)The Research Question
    (ii)Hypothesis Formulation
    (iii)Research Design
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  4. Serendipity in Research
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  5. Clinical Trials
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  6. Ethics in Medical Research
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  7. Statistical Methods for Research
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  8. Meta-Analysis
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar
  9. How to Write a Paper?
    Dr. B. S. Nagoda
  10. Dissertation Writing
    Dr. Mrs. S. N. Kothadia &
    Dr. B. S. Nagoda
  11. Dissertation-is it the only Method to Teach Post-graduates?
    Dr. A. G. Chandorkar

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Dr. A. G. Chandorkar,

Dr. B. S. Nagoba


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