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Sales and Distribution Management


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Sales and distribution are like the Siamese twins. They facilitate each other. This is the rationale behind the combination of these two areas in this book. The book deals with the sales process right from prospecting to the close of the sale. It also covers the management of the sales force. The chapters on distribution familiarize the readers with the channels available, the conflicts encountered, and modes of transport employed. In a nutshell, the book distills the knowledge of a vital business area into a ready-to-practice document, highly useful to readers.

Contents :

1. Nature and Scope of Sales Management
2. Personal Selling and Salesmanship
3. Selling Function
4. Relationship Strategy
5. Developing Product Solutions
6. Product Positioning
7. Consumer Behaviour
8. Prospecting
9. Approaching the Customer
10. Sales Presentation
11. Sales Demonstration
12. Negotiating Buyer Concerns
13. Closing the Sale
14. Servicing the Sale
15. Self-management
16. Sales Planning
17. Personal Selling Objectives
18. Sales-related Marketing Policies
19. Personal Selling Strategy
20. The Job of a Sales Manager
21. Sales Organisation
22. Personnel Management in the Selling Field
23. Recruiting Sales Personnel
24. Selecting Sales Personnel
25. Sales Training
26. Execution and Evaluation of Sales Training Programmes
27. Motivation and Moral of Salespersons
28. Compensating Salespersons
29. Management of Sales Expenses
30. Sales Meeting and Sales Contests
31. Controlling Salespeople – Evaluation and Supervision
32. Sales Budget
33. Sales Quotas
34. Sales Territories
35. Sales Control and Cost Analysis
36. Contours of Distribution Management
37. Wholesaling
38. Retail Theories and Formats
39. Physical Distribution Management (PDM)
40. Transportation and Traffic Management
41. Warehousing and Storage
42. Case Studies




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