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Sales Management


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Sales Management, as a part of Marketing Management is focused on short-term revenue generation . This practical book emphasizes firm-level profit optimization through the well-known concept of customer satisfaction, as well as conversion of prospects to regular customers. Simultaneously, adherence to “Laws of the land”, i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility has also to be taken into consideration by ethical Sales Management personnel, who must strive to ensure planned, mostly short-term revenue generation. Emphasis will be on existing customers and new prospects, who have to be serviced through presently available organization-level resources.

Well-known concepts like Sales Planning, Organising, Controlling, Staffing and Directing have been separately and, later, cumulatively, emphasized through a number of real-life cases and caselets, which have been handled by this Author in his role as a Management Consultant in India.

Beside the above usual concepts, this book also has emphasized on the need to understand that every sales and service person is an asset. Hence, “Return on Assests Managed” (ROAM) has been explained in-depth in this book. The real-life role of practical guidelines like A-B-C analysis, planned resource deployment, need for effective sales strategy etc. have been clarified in this book.

An interesting and unique concept has been suggested in this book. This is termed as “Sales Call Effectiveness Indicator”,i.e., S.C.E.I. Through real-life examples, this concept has been explained in depth.

Finally, this Author, based on his 26 year long Management Consultancy experience, mostly in India, has offered in this book, an optimal set of decisions, using a real-life case study, based on the principle of Problem Solving Approach. This analysis is meant to be only a guideline for effective problem solving and decision-making.

To sum-up:

This book has offered practical guidelines for real-life problem solving and both efficient as well as effective decision-making.

Target audience of this book will not only be the students in the fields of Sales and Marketing Management, but also real-life, practical sales professionals, like this Author, who was a salesperson for more than a decade, at various levels in four large organizations in India.

Hence, besides basic and relevant concepts, theories and guidelines,”Dos and don`ts” have been suggested in various chapter so as to help both students and practitioners.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Sales Management
2. Basic Concepts of Sales Management
3. Sales Planning
4. Sales Forecasting
5. Selling Process
6. Sales Organisation
7. Sales Control
8. Time and Territory Management
9. Negotiation Process
10. Scientific Basis for Allocation of Selling Resources New Concepts: KRA-ABC, S.C.E.I. and R.O.A.M
11. Sales Direction, Guidance, Motivation
12. Sales Staffing: Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development
13. Evaluating Sales Performance
14. Sales Performance: Problems and Solution
15. Marketing Communication System
16. A Case on Sales Management: An Optimum Solution
17. Relationship Building for Effective Sales Management
18. Retiling and Merchandising: Pulling Prospects
19. The Art of Effective Selling


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