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Signature Verification


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You are required to compare the signature of your customers on certain documents with those on your record before you act on the documents. Signature verification is a legal requirement. This book guides you how to verify the signatures. It describes the rules of signature verification with examples. It contains some exercise for signature comparison to help you develop the skill of signature comparison. You ought to learn how to compare signatures till an electronic machine is invented to do the duty for you or till paperless banking Is introduced. Today, there is one electronic machine marketed by a US manufacturer. Autosig Systems, which captures signature cards and displays them on the screen as and when required for the screen purpose of comparison. Which is, however, still a manual job. But there is a hope that soon an electronic machine will come that will not only store and retrieve specimen signatures but also compare the signatures but also compare the signatures on the documents. Once this machine is invented, hopefully by Autosig Systems itself, it would be a tremendous boon to you as you run risks in acting on certain signed documents. But till such a machine comes, here is this book to help you. The book also tells you the legal Implications of signatures. This book will also be useful to banking teachers and to police officials who teach signature verification in banks.

Contents –

1. Signed documents
2. Effect of a signature
3. Authorized and genuine signature
4. Requested number of authorized signatures
5. Signature binds adult customer
6. Minor’s signature
7. Guardian’s signature and minor
8. Non est factum
9. Agent’s signature
10. Signing the name of partnership/company
11. Agent’s signature binds principal
12. Liability of the agent signing
13. Signature by procuration
14. Signature with the words ‘Without Recourse’
15. Signature of insolvents/Lunatics
16. Signature of the deceased customer/director/partner
17. Signature of the sick/physically disabled customer
18. Rubber stamp signature
19. Signature on a stop order
19A. Signature for a cancelling the stop
20. Signature vs indorsement
21. The effect of indorsement or indorser’s signature
22. Signature vs. initial: authentication of material alterations
23. Unsigned banker’s draft
24. A banker’s not signed by the requisite number of signatures
25. Where a signature on a banker’s draft differs
26. Signatures on MICR cheques
27. Cheque truncation/electronic signature
28. Electronic signature verification
28A. The manufacturer’s brief description of the machine- AUTOSIG II signature verification system: Its time has come for you
29. Signature of all signatories should guinuine
30. Answer on unpaid forged cheques
31. The effect of the forged signature of the drawer/customer
32. Remedies for the paying banker
33. Signatures on travellers’ cheques
34. Rules of signature verification
35. Comparison drill
36. How to teach signature verification
37. Recent legal cases of signature forgery


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