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Stock and Commodity Markets


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The Indian securities and commodities market, Considered one of the most promising emerging markets, is among the top ten markets of the world. The market’s large investor base comprises of individuals. Corporate and foreign institutional investors and been rapidly rising over the past two decades after financial market deregulation and economic liberalization. Stock and Commodity Markets touch the lives of all citizens of the country, either as producers, investors or as consumers. Hence effective regulation of these markets assumes greater significance. To establish effective and credible regulatory regime has been one of top priorities of the regulator whether it is a SEBI or Forward Market Communication.

The first chapter deals with the conceptual understanding of the stock and commodity markets. The second and third chapter presents comprehensive and lucid exposition of stock market. The fourth and fifth chapter is devoted to understanding of commodities market. It covers issues such as role of commodities exchanges, trading and settlement in commodities markets, commodity derivatives etc. In this book an attempt is made to offers conceptual clarity and in-depth coverage of Stock and Commodity market.



1. An Overview of Capital and Commodity markets
2. Stock Market
3. Trading In Stock Market
4. Commodity Market
5. Trading in Commodity Markets



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2016, 2015



Mukund Sharma,

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah


Himalaya pub