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The Anatomy of Cloud Computing (An Upcoming Technology)


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“The Anatomy of Cloud Computing (An Upcoming Technology)” when we think over, is changing the way we provision our hardware and software for on-demand capacity fulfillment. Gone are the days of idle CPU, empty memory or unused drive space, etc. We have to think about the ways on demand servers, storages and CDNs are changing the way. We develop web applications and make business decisions. The cloud charges us for what we use as we like it, assuming capacity is available.

In this book, the reader would find an overview of the cloud hosting landscape with a particular focus on cloud utilisation by web companies. He may also walk through at a glance a managed infrastructure stack and examine a few major business targets. This book will also be helpful for the students who are the beginners of learning ‘cloud computing’ and its related subjects and who want to proceed further on this line at a later date for higher studies or starting business or joining industry at a later date and to think of utilising cloud computing technique for their use. It may be a boon for them to know the fundamentals of cloud computing immediately and later on how to utilise them fully in the future years.

Cloud computing is picking up steam and those who start and proceed early may be early winners and benefit them. The most promising solution from large vendors are still in a technology preview stage and not decided yet. These are open for general use in the subsequent years. Startups on the cloud computing subject are many and they are developing new applications now and then. They should be open for general use shortly at any time on a full scale, though considerable improvements are taking place fast. Start-ups developing new applications should pick the best solutions as providers based on the strength of their stack offering and usage pricing. Some cloud layers can easily be abstracted to the best-of-breed solutions.


Contents –

1 : An Introduction to Cloud Computing
2 : Cloud Computing: Major Services
3 : Containers as a Service (CaaS)
4 : Other Cloud Computing Services
5 : Cloud, Cloud Computing and Cloud Models
6 : Cloud Computing Interest and Concerns from Technological and Consumers’ Point of View
7 : Cloud Computing Planning, Challenges, Technologies, Applications and Security
8 : Cloud Native Computing
9 : Cloud Computing Providers and Challenges
10 : Monolithic Application and Microservices Architecture
11 : Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)
12 : Miscellaneous Topics Related to Cloud Computing
13 : Cloud Computing
Familiarity of Cloud Computing Terms
Extra Questions
Some Statistics and Use of Cloud Computing


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